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“There is a terrible emptiness in me, an indifference that hurts.”
— Albert Camus, The First Man (via larmoyante)
"Would you rather be a vampire or a werewolf?"

And Sarah replied,

probably a werewolf but that really depends on what kind of ”tv show/movie” werewolf we’re talking about. if it’s like a teen wolf werewolf then i’d definitely pick werewolf but if we’re talking abt a ”the vampire diaries” werewolf… then i’d probably think twice!!!!

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"would you rather makeout with a duck or a chicken?"

And Sarah replied,

a DUCK omg ducks r so cute !!!! 

leave a ‘would you rather’ in my ask

"Would you rather eat your dog or your cat? hehe"
said Anonymous.

And Sarah replied,

omg thats a hard one, an impossible one tbh.. but.. my dog i think, i’d feel so bad though like bad is an understatement 

leave a ‘would you rather’ in my ask

guys leave a ”would you rather” in my ask

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